Code of practice

Harling Menzies believes absolutely in integrity and discretion and we strictly adhere to a code of practice, which is recognised by the industry’s governing body R.E.C. (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and includes:

A member must conduct its business in a proper and professional manner and in accordance with all applicable employment and discrimination laws

Our equality and diversity policy is based on selecting the most suitable candidates for our clients, reflecting their individual needs and diversity objectives

Before accepting an assignment Harling Menzies must advise the client of any potential areas of conflict and our "off-limits" policy

Our "off limits" policy restricts any employee or appointed agent of Harling Menzies approaching any employee of a client to discuss alternative career opportunities for a period of 12 months after the completion date of the last assignment.

We will never re-approach a "placed" candidate.

We provide formal written confirmation of the assignment including costs, terms of business and anticipated timeframes

We do not provide candidate details to clients without the candidate’s permission

Full confidentiality is guaranteed

No candidates are submitted until their suitability is determined by a full criteria based interview

We provide a contractual guarantee to complete all retained assignments, unless for reasons beyond our control

The code of practice applies to all divisions globally

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