Executive vacancies

Date Posted
Job TitleRetail Analyst (Hammerson)

Role Purpose:

To collect, coordinate and validate insights and data. Encourage and promote the use of intelligence across all business units and support the delivery of strategic recommendations to decision maker

Reporting - scheduled and ad-hoc

  • Collect, collate and analyse trading data and produce scheduled reports.

  • Identify trends and support the delivery of strategic recommendations to the Retail team e.g. sales and rents optimisation, identification of potential rental shortfalls, retailers trading at risk...

  • Provide quality information in a timely manner when being asked. Explain the information and ensure recipient has the correct understanding.

  • Provide sales forecast in a timely manner.



Collaboration- external and internal

  • Be the point of liaison for new agencies wanting to pitch work.
  • Develop relationships with existing data providers such as Daily Sales, Advantage, Footfall, Path Intelligence and Skidata
  • Collaborate with internal clients to determine their research needs. Write briefs and validate them. Pitch, review proposals with internal clients and appoint selected agency.
  • Engage, collaborate and assist the shopping centres teams. 

Contact Emailsuzanne@harlingmenzies.com

London office

Tel: +44 (0)207 917 1711

Hong Kong office

Tel: +852 2297 2883


Email: peter@harlingmenzies.com