Management team

Peter Millard
Managing Director & Head of Practice - FMCG/Retail

Peter Millard is not a typical recruiter, neither is he a typical Managing Director, but probably the main reason he has successfully run an Executive Search firm since 1998, through economic booms and busts is because he has gathered a great team around him.  It’s perhaps also due to a few inherent characteristics: his sense of integrity; his intuitive understanding of people; his ability to build strong relationships, his tenacity, the decent way he treats people (not just clients – candidates too); and most evident of course, his keen sense of fun and enjoyment. Furthermore he has a truly professional approach, he doesn’t cut corners and loves to think up innovative solutions.

Despite his successes Peter is self effacing, good at listening and people enjoy working with him - whether a team member, client or candidate.

In his spare time Peter likes the usual things such as gardening & fishing, and he’s also not a bad cook, but his true passion is the sea. He’s “ voyaged” single-handedly on several occasions and he is equally happy “tinkering” on a boat as he is sailing in a gale force 9.

Recruiting areas: Board/Senior Management – General Management, Sales & Marketing, Operations.

Geographic expertise: EMEA/Asia

Area of specialism: FMCG, Retail and Professional & Financial Services

Degree: BA: Economics


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