Our approach

“We build intimate recruitment partnerships which create market differentiation for our clients… ultimately, your goals become ours”

Our approach is refreshingly straightforward and its strength lies in the depth of knowledge that we build with our clients. In an age when people increasingly represent competitive advantage, we encourage business leaders to consider candidates who genuinely bring something new to the party. We build intimate and trusting recruitment partnerships which enables us to create market differentiation for our clients. Ultimately, your goals become ours.

“We are an established force both within the UK and internationally”

Harling Menzies has the proven experience, technology and expertise to find the talent you need. We are an established force across the UK and internationally and you receive focused personal attention from a sector specific director throughout the entire recruitment process.

“Our in-house research capability is second to none…”

Our in-house research capability is second to none and our search technology is recognised as industry leading. Our researchers play a critical role in the search process and whenever possible attend client briefing meetings. We constantly challenge ourselves to explore new methods of intelligence gathering to gain candidate insight. The utilisation of this insight enables us to identify and attract the best talent available. Regular in-depth progress reports are submitted to the client, encouraging interaction throughout the search process.

“Our greatest contributor to growth is repeat business from satisfied clients”

Our industry has never seen such fierce competition. Our record of success during the last 15 years is a product of tenacity, professionalism and team spirit. Consequently, our greatest contributor to growth is repeat business from satisfied clients. We have built solid, consultative relationships that deliver long-term benefits to both parties and our reputation has been built on exceptional service, not scale.

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