Our conception

As a result of industry comment and a simple piece of market research that posed the question to clients and candidates “what do you love and what do you hate about the “search” Industry?” - Harling Menzies was conceived.

We took the research seriously, basing our strategy and consequently our values on its findings. It was clear that the market was crying out for a genuine alternative to the traditional search firms who up until recently had very successfully controlled service standards & fee structures.

Made up of a young and talented team with eyes wide open and a real belief in the new proposition Harling Menzies was launched with a clear framework, distinctive values and an absolute commitment to applying the following business principles:

To represent a small number of client businesses in each sector in order to avoid “off-limits” search restrictions. A pragmatic partnership approach

To be unrelenting in our commitment to delivering excellence in execution. We tenaciously run the hard miles

To be flexible on fee structure reflecting search complexity, market conditions & previous client revenues. Offering great value, not greed

To deliver exemplary service to both clients and candidates. You will feel very important

Of course a successful outcome first time is not always the case. With the unpredictability of business conditions and candidate circumstances, and the fierce war for talent, ‘search’ is not an exact science. However, with these fundamental principles in place, clients comment that we are “a breath of fresh air.”

London office

Tel: +44 (0)207 917 1711

Hong Kong office

Tel: +852 2297 2883


Email: peter@harlingmenzies.com