Our service commitment

Availability – We don’t employ access restricting voicemail – we like talking to people and make a point of being available whenever possible. If we are genuinely tied up, we will return your call within 2 hours or our support team will make contact with you. Due to the international nature of our business and the difficulties of talking discreetly to candidates during normal working hours, we are available on our mobiles early mornings and evenings.

Confidentiality and Discretion – We acknowledge the critical importance of managing the confidential nature of our client and candidate affairs with the utmost discretion. We will not disclose sensitive information to a third party without receiving their prior authority. Finally we adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 regulating the processing of information relating to individuals and businesses.

Continuity – We’ve built a great team of long-standing colleagues whose dedication to constantly absorb knowledge of your business, translates into strong client relationships and a 92% assignment completion rate.

Delivery – We are unrelenting in our commitment to complete every assignment on time supported by a legally binding service contract.

Honesty - Refreshingly straight forward, challenging you where we think fit, addressing problems immediately when they occur - "we say it as it is"

London office

Tel: +44 (0)207 917 1711

Hong Kong office

Tel: +852 2297 2883


Email: peter@harlingmenzies.com