Prudential Momentum

Momentum is Prudential plc's Flagship talent program, providing enthusiastic, focussed and talented individuals with a unique opportunity to learn and grow within prudential and explore their potential as future leaders. Through three 18-month placements the programme gives you relevant exposure to different specializations, business units and countries within the Prudential Group, thereby truly providing an global experience.

You will join Momentum in one of Prudential's four streams (Finance, Commercial Management, Human Resources and Communications) where you will be placed in real role, at the heart of the business, responsible for meeting business needs, expanding your global network and exceeding expectations. To help you succeed, you'll have access to senior management, a senior mentor and to your own global network of peers. Indeed through interactions with different colleagues, cultures, markets and customers, Prudential will ensure that every successful individual has an enriched career experience as part of the Momentum Programme.

Prudential is looking for interested candidates - energetic and highly motivated individuals who are committed to making a difference. Although experience in one of the streams may prove advantageous, Prudential are really looking for fresh thinkers whose unique ideas can add value to Prudential today and tomorrow. Learn more about Momentum at      « Back

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Hong Kong office

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